10 Mood Boards to Refresh your Laundry Room

This past weekend, I madeover my friend [Sara] Diff’s small, BORING laundry room! I started by creating a bunch of laundry room mood boards to give her an idea of how we could transform her space! First, we added a dramatic backdrop by installing peel and stick wallpaper, then we hung a painted cabinet for out-of-sight storage. To save space, I built this DIY Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack that folds into itself so that it takes up almost no room when it’s not in use! To finish it up and tie it all together, I added two different shelves that were each made from one single board.

When we kicked off the project, Diff knew that she needed some additional storage and clothes drying space but for the design, she was pretty open. I’d been itching to install wallpaper and for sure wanted to do something fun and trendy so I did some research and made a bunch of mood boards to help her decide! If you’re curious how I create my mood boards, check out my blog post on how I created my dining room mood board.

Friends don’t let friends live in boring houses.

It’s not just a website tagline, I mean it. I’m not letting Diff live in a boring house and I won’t let you do it either! I’m sharing all the laundry room mood boards we built (and their sources) to decide on the final design for my friend Diff. Now you have no excuse to not transform your BORING laundry room, closet, bathroom or bedroom into a space that you’re proud of!

I’ll start by sharing the individual sources for wallpaper, cabinets, paint and decor and then pulling it together into 10 inspiring laundry room mood boards to help you refresh your space!

See the full laundry room transformation post (with total cost) HERE!

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There are so many places to look for wallpaper and I was specifically looking for the peel & stick variety. I started looking on Wayfair and they had such a great selection that I ended up only providing options from there. There’s also some great budget options on Amazon and at Target which you can go look at in store!

If I was doing my own laundry room, I might have chosen something super dramatic and colorful from NuWallpaper on Amazon like this, this or this! See my top 8 picks from NuWallpaper on Amazon at the bottom of this post, HERE.

Wallpaper Links:

  1. Decius 20.5″ L x 16.5″ W this is what we ended up using, but in the Navy Blue option!
  2. Escamilla Herringbone 16.5′ L x 20.5″ W could also see this as a DIY paint project.
  3. Innocence 33′ L x 20.5″ W Textured
  4. Lipman Paradise Palm 18′ L x 20.5″ W love a statement wallpaper!
  5. Clinkscales 33′ L x 20.5″ W comes in so many good colors.
  6. Gina 396′ L x 20.5″ W
  7. Risky Business II Prismatic Removable 27′ x 27″ Spray and Stick the adhesive is activated by water.
  8. Olguin 16.5′ L x 20.5″ W Abstract the faux grasscloth has great texture!

Cabinets and Hardware

Diff wanted a cabinet and I opted for the pre-assembled kind from Lowe’s. I’d bought and installed these cabinets before so I was comfortable with recommending them to her. I may have added in a few IKEA kitchen cabinet options as well but our local IKEA has been sold out of cabinets for a while and I didn’t want to risk her pick being out of stock.

For hardware, we clearly have a gold or brushed brass theme going on. I can’t remember if this was intentional or just happened by accident. Gold accents are super trendy right now but can also be very timeless depending on the shape. I suggest getting whatever color hardware you want even if it is super trendy and you think it might go out of style. Hardware is so easy to change out and can be relatively inexpensive so don’t be afraid to take risks here!

Cabinet Links:

  1. Shaker 30 W x 36 H x 12 D White Laminate Cabinet I have this in my laundry room.
  2. Square Door 30 W x 30 H x 12 D Unfinished Oak Cabinet this is what we used in Diff’s laundry room!

Hardware Links:

  1. Square T Bar Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs 2” the slightly bevel edges make this feel refined.
  2. Mother of Pearl & Brass Dresser Knobs these would glam up any furniture or cabinet
  3. Single Hole Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs 2″
  4. Solid Brass Knobs Hexagon Knobs
  5. Brushed Brass 6″ Handles (3-3/4″ Hole Centers)
  6. Brushed Brass Round, Cabinet Knobs I used these tapered knobs in my closet and they are a great weight!
  7. Tapered Brass Cabinet Knobs minimal and modern.
  8. Brass Square Drawer Knobs in Champagne Bronze a good, traditional shape and color that goes with all styles.


For Diff’s laundry room, we mostly shopped her house to keep costs low (and avoid buying just to buy) but if I were looking for new pieces, target would be my go to! They have so many different styles and it’s so easy to mix and match and mock up collections in person at the store. My recommendation is to always add art, some natural wood finishes, a plant (real or faux), and something with texture (ie. a metal or a rope basket). Decor that provides storage is also a big plus!

Decor Links:

  1. 16″ x 20″ Desert Blooms Abstract Framed Wall Canvas
  2. 16″ x 20″ Bay Leaves Framed Wall Canvas
  3. 30″ x 40″ Foil Abstract with Gold Wood Frame perfect colors to add drama to an otherwise neutral room
  4. Studio McGee 20″ x 24″ Abstract Shapes Framed Canvas (Set of 2)
  5. 31oz, Large Glass Cookie Jar with Bamboo Lid obsessed with this shape!
  6. 105oz Glass Storage Canister with Wood Lid
  7. 64oz Glass Jar and Lid I think these are the ones Khloe Kardashian has?! 😛
  8. Woven Lidded Catchall Basket how cute is this little pouf basket?! (only 3″ x 6″)
  9. 11″ White Coiled Rope Basket with Leather Handles I used ta bunch of these baskets in my closet makeover
  10. Faux ‘Sparkling Sara’ Wood Potted Plant such a fitting name!
  11. Woven Floor Basket
  12. Small Sewn Basket this unstructured basket adds an earthy touch
  13. Hearth & Hand Wire Storage Basket

See the full laundry room transformation post (with total cost) HERE!

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Mood Boards

I love this bold, feminine wallpaper. The pink is such a pretty color, paired with the gold accent that it’s almost feels like a neutral. Adding mid-tone to dark stained wood would be a great juxtaposition. The glass apothecary jars and mother of pearl cabinets knobs add a little glam. I would definitely choose the Evergreen Fog paint color because it’s Sherwin Williams’ 2022 paint color of the year and it would make the space feel more refined.

This wallpaper reminds me of a DIY paint accent wall I’ve saved on instagram at least 10 times. The pattern is slightly busy so adding light wood decor and the white, rope basket help to soften the space. For a chic look I might match the gray in the wallpaper with the cabinet or go with a fun accent like Marea Baja which would look awesome with the coral art!

Paints Colors: Needlepoint Navy, Caviar, Rosemary

In full disclosure, I put this mood board together to round out ten mood boards. I kept is really neutral with subtle gray wallpaper and blush artwork that it almost looks like it could be a nursery mood board. It’s pulling a little bit cool as is, so I would likely use the Needlepoint Navy (which I almost used in my dining room) or the Rosemary on the cabinet for some drama.

This is one of my favorites:

The deep blue feather paper is such a heavy statement for this board that I chose very desaturated paint and decor to balance it out. The light blush artwork compliments and adds some empty space to anchor the paper. I would probably land on the Evergreen Fog paint color to build an analogous color scheme (colors next to each other on the color wheel- like teal, blue and green) which would continue to harmonize the design.

Paint Colors: Marea Baja, Studio Clay, Caviar

This board is in the middle of neutral and bold. The color scheme is soft and desaturated however, the pattern of the wallpaper still creates visual interest. If I were to move forward with this board, I don’t even know what color paint I’d pick because they would all look so good with the wallpaper and the coral abstract art. I paired these really pretty round brushed brass knobs that I used in my walk in closet and love!

This design is so simple and refined. An understated wallpaper that give a good backdrop but doesn’t command the attention of the room. If we went with this design, I would have chosen the Needlepoint Navy paint to bring in that blue accent color and simple gold knobs to keep it calm and unobtrusive.

This is the laundry room mood board that Diff chose!

I love the contrast of the navy blue and metallic gold lines in the wallpaper but it can start to feel a little bit busy. In order to balance all the movement and the contrast, we chose Virtual Taupe for a neutral cabinet. We accented with soft and natural decor as well as medium stained wood in the shelving and drying rack!

Paint Colors: Caviar, Snowbound, Virtual Taupe

This tranquil textured wallpaper is perfect for this small laundry room or for a little reading nook. The color and pattern make it feel cozy and the coral artwork perfectly compliments the teal color. If we chose this mood board, I would likely paint the cabinet Virtual Taupe or even keep it natural!

Paint Colors: Marea Baja, Caviar, Shade-Grown

I love the shape and contrast in this geometric wallpaper. I’d add natural wood baskets and line art to balance out the busyness of this print. I’d paint the cabinet in Caviar or Shade-Grown and use mid tone wood and gold accents to compliment the boho-glam design. Be careful when picking out your gold tones. You’ll want to match the wallpaper pretty closely otherwise the design could fall flat. Black knobs would also work really well!

Paint Colors: Caviar, Snowbound, Shade-Grown

Grasscloth is all over instagram right now because it gives so much texture to a space, but I’m a little nervous about the physical texture of it in a laundry room. This faux grasscloth wallpaper is non-textured so don’t worry about it attracting rogue lint! I also love how neutral this design is with a statement cabinet paint color and a moody painted canvas as an accent. Again, I chose these really pretty round brushed brass knobs that I used in my walk-in closet and love!

My top 8 picks from NuWallpaper on Amazon:

Botanical NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
Gold Gingko NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
Greenery NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
Black Textured NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
Floral NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
“Groovy Garden” NuWallpaper via Amazon
Yellow Floral NuWallpaper linked via Amazon
Gray Floral NuWallpaper linked via Amazon

It was so fun to create these laundry room mood boards and present the ideas to Diff. And even better, we chose one and actually brought it to life!

See the full laundry room transformation post (with total cost) HERE!

At the start of writing this, I didn’t realize how wallpaper-heavy the content would be. Similar to paint, wallpaper has such potential to make a huge impact. It’s also relatively easy to install and take down when/if you change your mind. I love fun accent walls in spaces you wouldn’t normally think of doing them- laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens.

It makes the space feel intentional and beautiful which will make doing laundry more enjoyable and feel less like a chore- at least we can hope! I can’t wait to start my next wallpaper project- probably in my own home!!

If you have any additional questions about the Laundry Room Mood Boards or the Links on this page, leave me a comment below!

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